Why Photography?

In one way shape or form a camera has always been a presence in my life. Dad had these non working 35mm film cameras around with the hopes of fixing them one day and he had one that worked but dad just didn’t know how to exactly use it outside of it being on an automatic setting. The point is that the cameras were a constant and a mystery at the same time. The day I was able to afford a simple point and shoot digital camera I had no second thoughts and went to purchase it. At that point I let a year pass by shooting everyday. Towards the end of the year I printed out a few photos in 8″x10″ and I was captivated with the amazement of seeing how beautiful I was able to capture these moments. The subjects of my photography were many but my preference was always geared towards nature. With nature I always felt like I was entering a whole other world, a world which  society simply was not paying enough attention. A genuine awareness is key for these types of photos. One must have sense of respect and awe in order to see further than what your eye sees on the mere surface. In order to capture nature I had to use the macro setting on my point and shoot camera and be ready to be amazed by nature and its wonders. I have a long way towards mastering Macro Photography but I’ll take it one day at a time and enjoy the journey.  Here’s a photo of one of my nature photos and little video I found that breaks down macro nature photography, it’s a very simple video yet effective.



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