Lost In Digital Transition

I’m not that old to be considered ol’ school, but today I’m not that young to be considered, the new school. I was born in 1970, you can do the math in regards to my age. I was 13 years old when in 8th grade I was exposed to a computer for the first time in my life. That same year I flew out to Ecuador with my family and I remember telling my maternal grandmother (abuelita Victoria) that I was gonna grow up to be a COMPUTER TECHNICIAN. I was so hyped by being exposed to such a thing but during that time the computer didn’t have the strength and capacities that it has today. The graphics were crude but the imaginative possibilities were all present. During that same time I remember that our parents got us an Atari game console, but the only games we received were those that came with it and nothing more. Side note, the Atari came into our lives after it had been introduced into the market 10 years before. After the 8th grade that computer exposure was non-existent. Computers made a brief re-appearance during a college orientation class back in 1988 and during this time the CD-ROM had already been introduced since 1985 and I still had no idea of what that was and at that point no longer cared (perhaps it was the fear of not knowing.)

At some point our parents had given us a Brother’s word processor and that was some advance crap for us. But my need for a word processor and my interest in the arts did not match, so my focus on forming and sharpening my artistic skills took over any need of computer knowledge. After many years like this, the computer re-appears in the year 2000, where my knowledge of the computer was limited to the ON/OFF button. As you notice, my exposure and learning process with the computer has been at such a SLOW pace and it seems to show up after long periods of absence. Today with social media, blogging, smart phones, wiki this and google that I still feel like the 8th grader being exposed to such a great playground but perplexed like the new college student that feared not knowing the CD-ROM.

As I mentioned on my first post, this blog has been in my thought process for over two years and only now have I gathered the courage and some type of knowledge in how to go about this, and although I have a personal Facebook page, I as of yet do not have a business FB page of which I am busy preparing for my photography business, GDS Arts. This blog is to serve multiple needs such as my photography business, my development as an artist, entrepreneur and family man. This digital transition has been painstakingly slow but it has taken place and will continue to evolve at it’s own pace.  I might not get there as quick as the rest, but I’ll arrive and my presence will be felt.