What do you write about when you feel you have nothing to say?

I free write until something does come out, but most of the time it’s just blah, blah, blah… The other day Oklahoma suffered that devastating tornado and my immediate thought was to the parents and their children in school. Being a new Dad, the thought of not knowing the condition of my son within such a situation is mind boggling. I honestly cannot sit here and write of whether I would be disturbed but in control or going hysterical looking for my son. All of a sudden my writer’s block has become so miniscule and insignificant, but I also know what to write … my heart and sincere prayers go out to the families of all who are suffering through this natural disaster.

Having experienced the loss of my own child in the past, I can certainly relate to some parents at this moment.  Throughout that loss, my faith was challenged with such severity.  No religion, icon or words ever helped or gave me answers.  Only time, self reflection, plenty of free writing of the soul and on-going questioning is what kept me sane, accompanied by plenty of yelling and uncontrollable crying.  With way over a year of time and slow meditative breathing I came to realize the point of my loss and acceptance of it.  But in all honesty it is never fully healed, till this day the mention of my daughter, Sonia, is still experienced.  A sense of nostalgia and loss is inevitable, but a smile appears with the acknowledgement that I have an angel looking over me and my family.

How I went about my loss is not for everyone, so figure out your own path and do not be afraid to walk at your own pace.

Keep the faith strong, believe, breathe and come to your own terms.  God bless!!!